Advantages of Using Waffle Pod Stand in Your Concrete Slab

  • By Piber Plastic
  • July 4, 2022

With the cost of construction going to the skies, it’s crucial to check out more affordable and effective methods. Recent developments have seen construction companies adapting innovative technology: waffle pod stands.

Waffle pod stands are considered a smart approach to assist the modern-day construction industry. The expanded polystyrene materials make the waffle pod stand both lightweight and easy to handle.

Besides being labour-intensive, there are numerous advantages of waffle pod stands. We take a look at some of these below:

Benefits of Using Waffle Pod Slabs

  1. They Are Economical
  2. These pod stands are economical in the construction process. They are lightweight, making the trenching process simpler and faster, decreasing labour-intensive costs. Additionally, waffle pod stands reduce the widespread use of concrete during construction.

    The installation process for the pod stand is quicker and more accessible, so you will have to spend less on the framework as it requires less steel and concrete.

  3. Simplified Construction Process
  4. The waffle pod stand is designed to simplify the construction process as they have interconnecting components. Moreover, these lightweight slabs don’t require much concrete.
    Setting up the waffle pod stand takes less time. This demands less time for the set-up and helps companies save on other construction expenses such as hiring building machinery.

  5. Robust Structural Stability
  6. If you are looking to create a sturdy and robust structure that can last for decades without showing signs of wear and tear, waffle pod stands are the perfect solution. These stands feature a better stiffness and strength as compared to the traditional footing methods. Additionally, it offers better resistance to cracks, meaning the structure lasts longer and is seismically stronger.

  7. Eco-Friendly Options
  8. These pod stands use specific concrete quantities and reduce wastage and carbon footprint. Moreover, there is no need to deal with the complex process of disposing of the excavated rubble. Decreased trenching means less soil disturbance and doesn’t harm the environment.

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