Plastic Tubs and Containers - Perfect For Ice-cream Packaging

Why is Plastic Packaging Considered A Suitable Option For Ice-Cream Manufacturers?

It’s not hard to understand why plastic packaging is considered a suitable option for ice-cream manufacturers. Plastic packaging is lightweight, relatively inexpensive and versatile, and it also provides good protection for the product during shipment and storage.

Piber Plastics can help you decide which plastic is best for your ice cream manufacturing and storage needs. You might want to choose a single type rather than multiple types of materials if recycling becomes necessary or convenient. Customers need more information about their choice when purchasing products from different brands with unique packaging styles!

No matter what you’re selling, there is a perfect film for it. You can choose from standard plastic films that will blend seamlessly into any product or designed films with eye-catching graphics on them to custom ones created just for you.

Plastic Containers and Tubs – Making Its Way To Packaging Supplies

It’s easy to see why plastic tubs are so popular for packaging ice cream. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours that can be customised according to your needs.

From holding single-serve portions up to several gallons at a time! These durable containers work well when automated filling equipment is used because they don’t break easily as glass jars during transport or with varying storage conditions.

  • Ice cream containers come in various shapes and sizes, with tubs available for packaging ice creams ranging from single-serve to bulk.
  • These plasticware products can be printed during production, or you could print them directly when they arrive at the factory floor.
  • The label on your favourite ice cream cone may be telling you more than just what flavour it is! In addition to identifying the brand, some have creative plastic labels applied by ice cream manufacturers who fill them along their production line to increase brand awareness

Plastic Tubs and Containers – Perfect For Ice-cream Packaging

The tub is a great way to enjoy your favourite frozen treat. There are so many shapes and sizes available, which means there’s sure to be one perfect for your ice cream packaging!

Some of the most popular choices include

  • round or rectangle-shaped drawers with straight sides;
  • tapered edges that make scooping easier, plus
  • oval-shaped ones are ideal if you want more space in the container

The most common type of packaging for ice cream is the plastic tub. These are available in sizes ranging from small, single-serve portions to large containers used at restaurants and shops alike!

The durability makes them well suited towards automated equipment – they’ll get filled just as quickly no matter how many people want some too. So you can offer your customers more than one flavour on any given day without worrying about runs being low or running out completely.

Improve Your Brand Advertising with Plastic Packaging

Plastic containers and tubs are a popular choice for packaging ice cream, but they can do so much more! With eye-catching colours available to choose from in the form of printed patterns or even logos on some types of plastic materials like PVC sheets – you’ll have no problem standing out among competitors.

It’s also possible to print these around either during the moulding process OR while manufacturing new products respectively; whichever suits best will depend upon how much information must fit onto each package design.

Considering The Best Plastic Manufacturing in Melbourne

The uses for plastic packaging on the production line are numerous and varied; it can help ensure that production line machinery operates smoothly without unnecessary noise or harsh chemicals.

Whether you’re a small business or an international corporation, we can help with all of your plastic packaging needs. From the design process to production and delivery, our team is here for you every step of the way!

We at Piber Plastics are here to help you with your packaging needs. We will offer the best products and provide advice on what is most suitable for your business and its specific needs.

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Piber Plastics: Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Container Needs

Piber Plastics: Your One-stop Shop For All Your Container Needs

Plastic tubs and containers are a great way to arrange and store items in your home. You can use them for anything from organising small toys, storing clothes or even using them as a flower planter. The best part about plastic tubs is that they’re inexpensive and come in many different sizes.

At Piber Plastics, we are your one-stop shop for all of your container needs! Whether you’re looking for plastic tubs or plastic containers, we have them all on hand. Here’s the know-how for using food containers and tubs:

Why Plastic Containers?

For those of you wondering why it is a good idea to store food in plastic containers, here are just a few reasons:

  • Plastic is lightweight and easy to carry around or move from place to place
  • It can be washed with soap and water, which makes it a reusable option for storing food
  • Plastic is also much more durable than paper products such as paper bags or newspapers.

This means that fewer containers need to be used when using plastic since they last longer than other options.

Why You Should Use Plastic Containers And Tubs For Your Food Storage Needs

In a world where food waste is at an all-time high, it’s important to be mindful about how we store our perishables and dry goods.

Storage containers are essential to any foodservice operation. Not only do they keep your perishables and dry goods safe from the elements, but by storing them in a durable plastic container, you can ensure their longevity too!

When you use plastic containers for storage instead of paperware, not only will your ingredients stay fresh longer due to increased protection from light exposure, but because plastics don’t degrade as quickly in moist environments.

Tips On How To Keep Your Food Fresh With These Tools

  • There are many different types of containers and food tubs available on the market. They come in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes, from round to rectangular, and so on.
  • You can even find the containers that offer vents for air circulation! The main purpose of these containers is to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time, especially useful for keeping fried food crispy during transit.
  • These containers can be used in the fridge or freezer, depending on what type of plastic you have chosen.
  • Additionally, they are suitable for both hot and cold foods as most are not heat resistant.
  • Plastic is a popular choice because it’s durable, affordable and easy to use.


  • Piber Plastics manufactures food containers for storage. These containers are safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers.
  • Those looking for an efficient way to store food should check out our food storage products. We offer various styles of containers to accommodate all needs. We also offer custom designs on our website.
  • Additionally, these containers come in various sizes, so you can find the perfect one for whatever it is you’re storing. You won’t have any problems finding the right size or style for what you need since we offer a wide range of options!

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Pod Rail Spacers – Easiest Way To Secure Your Construction Railing

Pod Rail Spacers – Easiest Way To Secure Your Construction Railing

The Pod Rail Spacers are designed to be installed between the mesh support and the waffle pod slabs, which can help prevent any squeaking or rattling. Additionally, the Pod Rail Spacers are a great way to make your rails more safe and secure while making it easy to move the mesh around and inject the concrete into the structure.

Pod Rail Spacers are used in conjunction with Waffle Pod Slabs to provide support for the mesh. The unique flatness of each spacer resists sinking into pods. It also offers coverage expansion from moisture build-up inside your home.

Easy Installation With Multiple Features

Pod spacers come in different octagonal and square-shaped shapes with rounded corners, or triangular shapes with sharp corners, depending on what is attached. Installing them is easy with just three screws per spacer, but they should be put in place before installing the railing to avoid damaging your walls. It comes with multiple features:

  • The PodRail is anchored to the wall with strong spikes. These are positioned so they hold the rail securely in position without damaging or breaking through walls.
  • The wings are attached to the base with no fuselage in between, ensuring that the base gives excellent stability.
  • The speed of use is better than the traditional bar chairs because it has a very structured design that allows you to do all sorts of tasks efficiently and be moved or transported quickly.
  • The pod rails are a smooth flat top for ease of mesh placement and positioning.
  • The spacers help support the pod rail itself and keep it level with adjacent surfaces. This can help prevent injuries and make the installation process less stressful.
  • On the pod, there is a broad foot. It eliminates chair punch-through and allows the back to recline fully.
  • Pod rail systems provide higher structural integrity and rigidity than other slab edge forms.

Protect Your Walls, Floors And Buildings With The Best Pod Rail Spacers

At Piber Plastics, we specialise in designing various pod rail systems, including the Concrete Edge System. The spacer is designed to provide higher structural integrity and rigidity than other slab edge forms. It comes with an installation guide and instructions manual, making it easier to use.

With the Pod Rail Spacers, no more straining yourself while trying not to drop anything else around you as well! It features a flat surface base to be bolted down against vibrations when working on other utensils. It doesn’t require much maintenance, which means less time spent cleaning up after yourself when working on multiple jobs at once.

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waffle pod construction

Star Spacer – A New Way to Get your Building Projects Started

The Plastic Star Spacer is an easy-to-use tool that helps you space between your stars. It’s made of durable, flexible plastic and can be used with any size star or spindle. The spacer features a patented, flexible design and durable construction to withstand the rigours of any construction site or workshop. It can be used for various types of surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and more!

Star Spacers emerged as an innovative new product specially designed to help you create an edge for your building and construction projects. The spacer features a patented, flexible design and durable construction to withstand the rigours of any construction site or workshop. You can use it on all types of surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and more! It’s easy to install with no tools required. And best of all – it comes in three different sizes so there’s one that will work perfectly for your needs.

How Star Spacers can be Beneficial to the Construction Industry

Additionally, the spacers can be used on all types of surfaces, including tile, stone, marble, wood and more! It’s easy to adjust with just one hand so that you can easily reach the top without adjusting your grip or switching hands. And because it’s made from sturdy plastic material, this spacer will last through even the toughest construction site conditions.

If you are a builder, constructor, or engineer and have been looking for a product that can help you with spacing in your buildings, then the Plastic Star Spacer is what you’ve been looking for. This spacer will allow you to create up to five-inch gaps, allowing for more versatility when constructing buildings. The plastic spacers are made out of durable plastic that will not break down over time like other materials such as metal brackets often do.

These spacers are excellent because they can be used on walls or ceilings and won’t rust or corrode, owing to their durability. They also don’t require any tools to install, so there is no need to worry about having the right equipment before installing them into your building project! Plus, these spacers come in different sizes from 1/2 inch up to 5 inches allowing them to fit almost any gap size needed.

With its durable construction, this spacer can stand up to the rigours of any construction site or workshop environment. It’s made from high-quality plastic, so it won’t rust or corrode over time, which means that it will last longer than spacers made with traditional materials.

Star Spacer – Your New Building Companion!

The Plastic Star Spacer is a new product on the market helping builders, constructors, and engineers with their projects. The plastic spacer can create gaps in walls or ceilings to adjust the spacing of up to five inches, allowing for more versatility when constructing buildings. These spacers are made out of durable plastic that will not break down over time like other materials such as metal brackets often do. They also work well with drywall, plasterboard, plywood sheets, and even brickwork!

Moreover, when it comes to installing spacer strips, there are a lot of options out there. The plastic spacers won’t corrode or rust and have scuff-resistant coatings and universal clamps for any size bolt hole. The spacers are designed to be installed in minutes and can work on walls or ceilings.

Get in touch with us at for more details. Our team would love to speak with you about how we can help ensure that your next construction project has a smooth installation process using this spacer.

Need For Plastic Containers In Industries

Need for Plastic Containers in Industries

Piber Plastics offer a wide range of plastic containers. Food trays have been the most preferred packaging product in recent years. Plastic containers provide a variety of conventional benefits in every household and industry. Plastic containers are readily available and can be reused often for multiple purposes in various industries.

Hospitality Industry:

The plastic industry has added much ease to the hospitality industry. Disposable and reusable containers are best for packaging purposes. Be it food delivery, packaging edibles for later use, or storing food and other materials – plastic containers have made the hospitality industry more profitable with their ease of use and simpler logistics.

Cosmetic Industry:

The cosmetic and beauty industry has come a long way with its style of packaging. Beauty products are packed in unique and fashionable plastic containers, which gives them a unique look. The plastic containers provide easy storage and packaging for beauty products. Moreover, with the emergence of plastic containers, cosmetic products have evolved as fashionable tenors with their unique packaging.

Healthcare Industry:

Plastic containers play a vital role in transporting medical equipment, medicine and other medical products in the healthcare industry. In addition, plastic containers have been of great value to the medical sector due to their ability to be recyclable.

Food and Beverage Packaging Industry:

Plastic containers are the best when it comes to food packaging. They provide a wide range of benefits for the food packaging industry, such as;

  • Food can be preserved easily
  • These containers promote waste reduction
  • Information display of packaged food
  • Plastic containers are durable, which makes food packaging easy
  • The containers are light-weight, thus easy to carry foodstuffs
  • The food containers are safe and hygienic to use
  • The plastic containers are cost-effective and easy to manufacture

Plastic containers have added strength to the food and accommodation industries. Moreover, the containers are disposable and are cost-effective, which signifies industrial growth within a specific budget. Get in touch with Piber Plastics for a wide range of plastic containers. Visit our website for more details.

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