Benefits Of Using Plastic Food Trays

What Are the Benefits of Using Plastic Food Trays?

When it comes to transporting food, utmost care needs to be taken in order to ensure freshness. The main criteria is to have edibles be delivered safely without any spoilage. Therefore, you need the right food display and serving trays that allow you to ensure that hygiene is not compromised during transportation. Moreover, you may also need to ensure that the taste stays intact.


We are proud to announce that Piber Plastics Australia has taken over Polytech Plastic Services Pty Ltd. Polytech is a Victorian injection moulding manufacturer located within Bayswater. Polytech has been operating for over 20 years with the sole vision of providing a simple and effective method to purchase plastic products and tooling. This Australian owned company possesses machinery capacity ranging from 35 to 500 tonnes. Piber Plastics’ takeover of Polytech allows Piber to significantly increase its production capabilities through increasing production efficiency alongside increasing its versatility. This results in an increased product range for customers.

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