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Star Spacer – A New Way to Get your Building Projects Started

The Plastic Star Spacer is an easy-to-use tool that helps you space between your stars. It’s made of durable, flexible plastic and can be used with any size star or spindle. The spacer features a patented, flexible design and durable construction to withstand the rigours of any construction site or workshop. It can be used for various types of surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and more!

Star Spacers emerged as an innovative new product specially designed to help you create an edge for your building and construction projects. The spacer features a patented, flexible design and durable construction to withstand the rigours of any construction site or workshop. You can use it on all types of surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and more! It’s easy to install with no tools required. And best of all – it comes in three different sizes so there’s one that will work perfectly for your needs.

How Star Spacers can be Beneficial to the Construction Industry

Additionally, the spacers can be used on all types of surfaces, including tile, stone, marble, wood and more! It’s easy to adjust with just one hand so that you can easily reach the top without adjusting your grip or switching hands. And because it’s made from sturdy plastic material, this spacer will last through even the toughest construction site conditions.

If you are a builder, constructor, or engineer and have been looking for a product that can help you with spacing in your buildings, then the Plastic Star Spacer is what you’ve been looking for. This spacer will allow you to create up to five-inch gaps, allowing for more versatility when constructing buildings. The plastic spacers are made out of durable plastic that will not break down over time like other materials such as metal brackets often do.

These spacers are excellent because they can be used on walls or ceilings and won’t rust or corrode, owing to their durability. They also don’t require any tools to install, so there is no need to worry about having the right equipment before installing them into your building project! Plus, these spacers come in different sizes from 1/2 inch up to 5 inches allowing them to fit almost any gap size needed.

With its durable construction, this spacer can stand up to the rigours of any construction site or workshop environment. It’s made from high-quality plastic, so it won’t rust or corrode over time, which means that it will last longer than spacers made with traditional materials.

Star Spacer – Your New Building Companion!

The Plastic Star Spacer is a new product on the market helping builders, constructors, and engineers with their projects. The plastic spacer can create gaps in walls or ceilings to adjust the spacing of up to five inches, allowing for more versatility when constructing buildings. These spacers are made out of durable plastic that will not break down over time like other materials such as metal brackets often do. They also work well with drywall, plasterboard, plywood sheets, and even brickwork!

Moreover, when it comes to installing spacer strips, there are a lot of options out there. The plastic spacers won’t corrode or rust and have scuff-resistant coatings and universal clamps for any size bolt hole. The spacers are designed to be installed in minutes and can work on walls or ceilings.

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Need For Plastic Containers In Industries

Need for Plastic Containers in Industries

Piber Plastics offer a wide range of plastic containers. Food trays have been the most preferred packaging product in recent years. Plastic containers provide a variety of conventional benefits in every household and industry. Plastic containers are readily available and can be reused often for multiple purposes in various industries.

Hospitality Industry:

The plastic industry has added much ease to the hospitality industry. Disposable and reusable containers are best for packaging purposes. Be it food delivery, packaging edibles for later use, or storing food and other materials – plastic containers have made the hospitality industry more profitable with their ease of use and simpler logistics.

Cosmetic Industry:

The cosmetic and beauty industry has come a long way with its style of packaging. Beauty products are packed in unique and fashionable plastic containers, which gives them a unique look. The plastic containers provide easy storage and packaging for beauty products. Moreover, with the emergence of plastic containers, cosmetic products have evolved as fashionable tenors with their unique packaging.

Healthcare Industry:

Plastic containers play a vital role in transporting medical equipment, medicine and other medical products in the healthcare industry. In addition, plastic containers have been of great value to the medical sector due to their ability to be recyclable.

Food and Beverage Packaging Industry:

Plastic containers are the best when it comes to food packaging. They provide a wide range of benefits for the food packaging industry, such as;

  • Food can be preserved easily
  • These containers promote waste reduction
  • Information display of packaged food
  • Plastic containers are durable, which makes food packaging easy
  • The containers are light-weight, thus easy to carry foodstuffs
  • The food containers are safe and hygienic to use
  • The plastic containers are cost-effective and easy to manufacture

Plastic containers have added strength to the food and accommodation industries. Moreover, the containers are disposable and are cost-effective, which signifies industrial growth within a specific budget. Get in touch with Piber Plastics for a wide range of plastic containers. Visit our website for more details.

Packaging Plastic Trays – An Extension For Hospitality Industry

Packaging Plastic Trays – An Extension for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has always come up with unique ideas to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability. The plastic food trays have given their best to help the industry move up with food deliveries and food packaging.

With the emerging fast-paced services, the hospitality sector has stood out on its unique ways of providing fresh and spoil-free cuisines with proper hygiene. The industry has many alternatives to food packaging, but plastic food trays with sealed vacuums are the most preferred ones and are eco-friendly too!

Some of the significant benefits are mentioned below:

Heat-sealed Lids to Ensure Freshness:

Plastic food trays have made their way as a standard packaging unit of food products. Chiefly, the roasted and grilled food items can be easily packed without spoilage. The packaging trays are created with vacuum and heat-sealed lids to keep the food warm and fresh. Moreover, this even ensures the safety and taste of food with proper accommodation.

Hands-on Budget with Quantum Scale:

The food packaging trays are much affordable and stick to an eco-friendly budget. The trays occupies less space and can be transported with much ease. The product also enhances outstanding sustainability; therefore, one can transport the maximum number of trays within the estimated budget.

Safe Storage:

The food packaging containers do not require a high-settled warehouse to be stored. The containers can be kept at average temperature and will acquire less space. Also, the accommodations can be saved and can be used for further prospects. The plastics used for creating the food trays are food-grade ( non-toxic). Moreover, these can be stored under average temperature without any specific temperature. Food trays are easy to use and handle during food packaging and deliveries.

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255ML Tub

Why Plastic Containers Are Most Preferred Storage Solution For Industrial Use?

Plastic containers and tubs are the most used distribution channel in the industries these days. They are one of the most robust and quality storage solutions. It can’t be wrong to say that virtually every product sold today is somehow dependent on the production of plastic containers.

Let’s See the Potential Advantages of Plastic Containers:

Currently, many industries use plastic trays and boxes because they have many advantages in terms of product storage and reduced packaging costs.

Plastic Containers: One of The Safest Storage Solutions

Installing lids on the plastic containers protects high-value goods in transit. You can quickly check that the contents of plastic boxes have been accessed during distribution; if the seal is broken, the container has been opened by unauthorized persons. Since it comes with a solid construction, all the products will get secured storage. This is especially useful if you are carrying high-value goods.


Replacing cardboard boxes with reusable plastic trays will help you save money by reducing supply chain costs. Each plastic box can certainly replace hundreds of individual cartons because you can use it many times. It is also much more durable. These containers are maintenance-free, save on disposal or installation costs (such as stripes) and can be used to save valuable space during return transport. The savings are also because you do not have to buy these plastic lid containers right away, but you can rent them quickly and easily at Rotom for a single event or delivery.


Did you know that empty plastic containers save up to 75% of space? Because of their trapezoidal construction, they can nest inside one another. This allows you to save space on transportation.

Sustainable and Pollution Prevention

The plastic containers used in the industry are preferred due to their durability and resistance to heavy impact. At Piber Plastics, we deliver plastic containers made of polypropylene, and they are temperature resistant. Our plastic tubes and containers come with a lid that can protect everything you store from environmental factors.

Plastic being a versatile material, has become a most vital part of any product packaging industry. If you are searching for quality plastic products and containers in Australia, Piber Plastic can help. Visit us online to know more.

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