Your Trusted Source for Tamper Evident Packaging Materials

The Need Of Tamper Evident Packaging Tamper-evident packaging is important because it provides physical evidence that the product has not been compromised. If the package has been opened, tampered with, or damaged in any way, the consumer will be able to tell. This type of packaging is used for various products, including food, drugs, and […]

Why is Plastic Packaging Considered A Suitable Option For Ice-Cream Manufacturers?

It’s not hard to understand why plastic packaging is considered a suitable option for ice-cream manufacturers. Plastic packaging is lightweight, relatively inexpensive and versatile, and it also provides good protection for the product during shipment and storage. Piber Plastics can help you decide which plastic is best for your ice cream manufacturing and storage needs. […]

Piber Plastics: Your One-stop Shop For All Your Container Needs

Plastic tubs and containers are a great way to arrange and store items in your home. You can use them for anything from organising small toys, storing clothes or even using them as a flower planter. The best part about plastic tubs is that they’re inexpensive and come in many different sizes. At Piber Plastics, […]

Pod Rail Spacers – Easiest Way To Secure Your Construction Railing

The Pod Rail Spacers are designed to be installed between the mesh support and the waffle pod slabs, which can help prevent any squeaking or rattling. Additionally, the Pod Rail Spacers are a great way to make your rails more safe and secure while making it easy to move the mesh around and inject the […]

Star Spacer – A New Way to Get your Building Projects Started

The Plastic Star Spacer is an easy-to-use tool that helps you space between your stars. It’s made of durable, flexible plastic and can be used with any size star or spindle. The spacer features a patented, flexible design and durable construction to withstand the rigours of any construction site or workshop. It can be used […]

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  • September 14, 2021
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Need for Plastic Containers in Industries

Piber Plastics offer a wide range of plastic containers. Food trays have been the most preferred packaging product in recent years. Plastic containers provide a variety of conventional benefits in every household and industry. Plastic containers are readily available and can be reused often for multiple purposes in various industries. Hospitality Industry: The plastic industry […]

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  • August 19, 2021
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Packaging Plastic Trays – An Extension for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has always come up with unique ideas to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability. The plastic food trays have given their best to help the industry move up with food deliveries and food packaging. With the emerging fast-paced services, the hospitality sector has stood out on its unique ways of providing fresh and […]

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  • July 21, 2021
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Why Plastic Containers Are Most Preferred Storage Solution For Industrial Use?

Plastic containers and tubs are the most used distribution channel in the industries these days. They are one of the most robust and quality storage solutions. It can’t be wrong to say that virtually every product sold today is somehow dependent on the production of plastic containers. Let’s See the Potential Advantages of Plastic Containers: […]

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  • June 24, 2021
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Why Does the Cheese Industry Need Colanders From Piber Plastics?

Know the Top 5 Benefits Today! Did you know that the cheese making industry is at least 7500 years old? Yes, and this industry is developing continuously. Maintaining the freshness and quality of cheese is one of the prime concerns for cheese manufacturers. Most of the cheeses require straining to remove the whey.

What Are the Benefits of Using Plastic Food Trays?

When it comes to transporting food, utmost care needs to be taken in order to ensure freshness. The main criteria is to have edibles be delivered safely without any spoilage. Therefore, you need the right food display and serving trays that allow you to ensure that hygiene is not compromised during transportation. Moreover, you may […]

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  • April 8, 2021
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