Piber Plastics’ range of food grade plastic products are perfect for storage and use for food products, making them ideal for food packaging in Melbourne. We extensively use Copolymer Polypropylene or Random Copolymer plastics in our manufacturing process, which are certified nontoxic, food grade plastics in Australia. These two plastic materials have wide temperature tolerance and are widely used in hot filling applications.

To make sure the food grade nature, storing capability, durability and food packaging limits, we successfully tested our products on variety of food test samples, mostly used for food packaging in Melbourne, at large consisting of non-dairy foods, dairy foods and other edible items. The tested food items retained their taste and freshness during the whole time.

In mould labelling on our plastic products is done with our high speed robotic systems on our state of the art machines.

In addition to food packaging in Melbourne, our plastic products, particularly buckets, are widely used in paint and a number of packaging industries.