Reliable, Affordable, and Quality Food Packaging Supplies in Sydney

Quality food packaging is essential for the safe storage and transportation of food products. Emphasising on the right food packaging helps businesses not only maintain the quality of the food but also attract customers. If you deal in non-dairy foods, dairy foods and other edible items, Piber Plastics is here to provide you with the most reliable food packaging solutions. You can count on us for high-quality, affordable food packaging supplies in Sydney.

Food Packaging Supplies for a Range of Businesses in Sydney

Whether you are associated with the beekeeping industry and distribute packaged honey or provide food products, such as ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, dips, and other items, our products are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of your products to ensure extended shelf-life.

Piber Plastics is at the forefront of innovation in designing food packaging products. We manufacture products using Copolymer Polypropylene or Random Copolymer plastics, which are certified nontoxic, food grade plastics in Australia. The two plastic materials are ideal for hot filling applications due to their wide temperature tolerance.

From plastic yoghurt containers to cheese colanders, our packaging products contribute to the smooth functioning of your operations. Our product range includes plastic buckets, plastic tubes and food containers, food trays, colanders, grates, and more.

Sydney’s Local Manufacturer of Food Packaging Products, Taking Care of your Branding Needs

Whether you need yoghurt containers or cheese containers with your brand name, we provide comprehensive solutions to your requirements with IML printing capabilities, ranging from 50 to 600 tons printing machines. Consult our expert regarding your printing needs, and we ensure to deliver high-quality printing solutions.

Sustainable Food Packaging Supplies in Sydney

Piber Plastics understands the importance of sustainability in all business operations. With our earth-friendly manufacturing process, we ensure to leave a minimum carbon footprint. We follow environmental regulations and follow approved code of practice.

Choose Piber Plastics for Quality Food Packaging Supplies in Sydney

Piber Plastic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging products in Sydney. We supply our products to a range of businesses at wholesale prices. With our comprehensive and affordable product range, we help in making your business operations smooth.

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