How does the Dairy Industry Choose Its Packaging Options?

  • By Piber Plastic
  • October 18, 2022

The container impacts your customers before they even experience the product. Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the taste, the quality, and ensuring leak-proof transportation in the food and dairy industries.

The dairy industry requires a package that will prevent post-process contamination from bacterial sources. These packages need to be made from materials that cannot transmit their properties into what’s inside them; otherwise, there would always be risks involved when handling products like dairy goods.

Questions Asked While Selecting a Packaging

1.What is the state of the product, wet or dry?

Depending on the state of the product, you can shortlist a different range of packaging. Bottles made of plastic or glass are favoured for packaging milk and other liquid dairy products, and some firms also package milk in plastic pouches. A plastic tub or container would be much more appropriate when dealing with cottage cheese, cream, or ice cream.

2.How do you pack your product?

The packaging you choose for your product will also be based on how it’s packaged. If you package your products by hand, then specific requirements need to be met in order not only to protect but also to ensure ease-of handling during shipping/handling processes. On the other hand, the machine used for packaging is determined based on the product and the package you will be using.

3.What is the shape of your packaging?

The shape and design of packaging have significant implications for the material you choose for packaging and packaging methods. The cost attached to transportation also varies depending on the shape you finalize. At the same volume, you can fit in more plastic bags than containers. But then they need to be handled with much more care too. You need tough, rigid plastic packaging if your products are handled roughly while transporting or by your customers.

Other factors like costs, sustainability, and opportunities for reuse also impact the type and material of packaging that dairy industries use.

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