In mould labelling is done on the most of the Piber Plastics products. The label becomes integral part of the final product and décor. In mould labelling is the most popular method of decorating the Piber Plastics products. IML technology has greater wear resistance than any other form of printing. Multi-colour printing with high quality graphics makes IML printing effective way to advertise and promote your brand.

Piber Plastics products are made of food grade Copolymer Polypropylene and or Random Copolymer plastics, making it safer for food items. The products are available in variety of colours, shapes and the in mould labelling decoration on the products adds extra look to the products. Manufactured under high standards of HACCP with food grade material the products from Piber Plastics are excellent choice for use in food industry like dairy, cheese, honey and food services. In addition to domestic and food industry usage, our range of products, particularly buckets are widely used in Paint and Construction Industry for packaging purposes.

In mould labelling in our plastic products is done with the help of high speed robotic systems. For perfectly manufactured, well designed, beautiful plastic products, call Piber Plastics at (03) 8390 4637 today.