Piber Plastics manufactures buckets, containers, tubs and trays for various industries like Food, Dairy, Building and Paint.

Technological advancement has led most food product items being sold pre packed today. Food grade raw material are used in manufacture of food packaging products using HACCP methodology. The main purpose of food packaging is to prevent food from physical damage like knocking, crushing or mishandling. Food packaging also helps prevent food contamination from micro-organism, pollution or vermin. Help maintain products nutritional characteristics. Increase shelf life for the product and keep the products in peak condition.

We serve food industry with various products like food containers, pails, buckets, trays, colanders and grates. These products are manufactured using in mould labelling technique as per HACCP standards and are very well accepted in the industry. We are the trendsetters in manufacture of plastic trays used for antipasto, olives, mushrooms, roasted and chargrilled products. Our containers and tubs are widely accepted for use in single serves and retail sector for variety of products. We are actively supplying products to honey sector for storage and transportation of honey. All our products can be labelled using Mold Labelling (IML) and are safe for food packaging in Melbourne.

Dairy production and respective food packaging in Australia is very big; we are a part of the industry. Our containers and pails are used for packaging from yoghurt to butter, cream, cheese and full range of dairy products. With the state of the art technology in mould labelling machine, we are in the front runners in use of advanced technology in food and dairy industry. Our tamper evident products are designed and tested for the use in Dairy industry and are very well accepted. The flexibility of vacuum sealing and heat sealing in our products make our range very much versatile throughout the Dairy products range. Our retail packaging products are very popular in supermarkets and grocery stores shelves and the demand for these products is growing significantly and we are glad to be part of the phenomenon.

In addition to food packaging in Melbourne, Australia, Piber Plastics has been actively involved in Paint Industry our products are widely used in packaging of paints, bonding agents, waterproofing emulsions, plasticizers, primers and fertilizers. With the tamper proof pails and lids Piber Plastic products are very popular in the paint and building industry as the liquid products do not leak and the dry materials do not spill out. With the flexibility of plain and IML products we are best placed in the market for supply of wide range of pails from 1.2 ltr to 20 ltr.