BPA-Free and Food-Safe Honey Buckets for Beekeeping Industry

Are you associated with the beekeeping industry or are a distributor of packaged honey?

If yes, our wide range of premium grade, BPA free, durable and easy to handle honey buckets are an ideal choice for storing thee produce.

Beekeeping industry has been traditionally using wood pails; however, they aren’t durable. Moreover, storing and shipping the freshly harvested honey in these pails isn’t viable.

Piber Plastics brings a large array of plastic honey containers to provide a new-age storage and shipping solution for beekeepers and food product exporters.

Piber Plastics is a leading Australian owned plastic products manufacturer based in Melbourne. We produce an extensive range of food-grade and non-toxic plastic containers for the food and dairy industry.

Discover a Gamut of Wholesale Honey Containers @ Competitive Prices

Our broad range of wholesale honey containers provide a perfect solution to enhance the beekeeping storage and shipping process. Available in different sizes, our heavy-duty containers are manufactured from food-grade, toxic-free copolymer polypropylene which keeps the content fresh for a long period of time.

Besides, our containers come with durable lids that protect the honey from impurities and prevent spillage during shipping and transportation.

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