Discover a Wide Range of Premium-Quality Paint Industry Buckets & Lids

Storing and keeping the paints in premium grade and UV resistant containers is important to ensure that its quality is maintained while it is shipped to the distributors.

If you are looking for the best quality paint bucket at highly competitive prices, get into touch with the experts from Piber Plastics. We are an Australian owned and operated plastic product manufacturer. Being in the business since 1999, we offer world class quality products whilst maintaining competitive prices. Using modern technology and skilled human capital, we offer wide range solutions like paint containers, food containers, colanders, grates and more, for the food and packaging industry along with various retail sectors.

Our range of handheld paint buckets are made of best in class plastic which offers it unmatchable robustness. Moreover, our tamper proof oil paint bucket ensures that the content inside is protected against any external natural or man-made forces.

At Piber Plastics, we use industrial grade and 100% recyclable plastic to manufacture our range of paint buckets. Featuring heavy gauge material, our wall paint buckets are super durable and have moulded handles for added comfort.