Pod Rail Spacers – Easiest Way To Secure Your Construction Railing

  • By Piber Plastic
  • October 25, 2021

The Pod Rail Spacers are designed to be installed between the mesh support and the waffle pod slabs, which can help prevent any squeaking or rattling. Additionally, the Pod Rail Spacers are a great way to make your rails more safe and secure while making it easy to move the mesh around and inject the concrete into the structure.

Pod Rail Spacers are used in conjunction with Waffle Pod Slabs to provide support for the mesh. The unique flatness of each spacer resists sinking into pods. It also offers coverage expansion from moisture build-up inside your home.

Easy Installation With Multiple Features

Pod spacers come in different octagonal and square-shaped shapes with rounded corners, or triangular shapes with sharp corners, depending on what is attached. Installing them is easy with just three screws per spacer, but they should be put in place before installing the railing to avoid damaging your walls. It comes with multiple features:

  • The PodRail is anchored to the wall with strong spikes. These are positioned so they hold the rail securely in position without damaging or breaking through walls.
  • The wings are attached to the base with no fuselage in between, ensuring that the base gives excellent stability.
  • The speed of use is better than the traditional bar chairs because it has a very structured design that allows you to do all sorts of tasks efficiently and be moved or transported quickly.
  • The pod rails are a smooth flat top for ease of mesh placement and positioning.
  • The spacers help support the pod rail itself and keep it level with adjacent surfaces. This can help prevent injuries and make the installation process less stressful.
  • On the pod, there is a broad foot. It eliminates chair punch-through and allows the back to recline fully.
  • Pod rail systems provide higher structural integrity and rigidity than other slab edge forms.

Protect Your Walls, Floors And Buildings With The Best Pod Rail Spacers

At Piber Plastics, we specialise in designing various pod rail systems, including the Concrete Edge System. The spacer is designed to provide higher structural integrity and rigidity than other slab edge forms. It comes with an installation guide and instructions manual, making it easier to use.

With the Pod Rail Spacers, no more straining yourself while trying not to drop anything else around you as well! It features a flat surface base to be bolted down against vibrations when working on other utensils. It doesn’t require much maintenance, which means less time spent cleaning up after yourself when working on multiple jobs at once.

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