Welcome to Piber Plastics Australia, a newly founded company in Melbourne, which brings excellent wholesale jerry cans expertise to the oil and fuel industry.

At Piber Plastics Australia, we are happy to have experienced and trained workers who are able to help you find supplies of quality product packaging. In not thinking about the packaging business, there’s no embarrassment. We’re here to help you for that reason!

Having a proper, safe, and portable storage solution for modern oil storage containers and systems is a vital tool for industry programs. As one of the top-notch jerry can manufacturers & suppliers, we make it easier than ever to organise and store multiple types of oil and fuel.

Plastic Jerry Cans for Sale: your one-stop for all your oil and fuel storage needs storage water and oil products such as heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, acids, and bases are vital in the manufacturing industry, whether underground or above ground, raises concerns over leaks, spills, and overfills.

Oil should be processed in a high-quality, plastic container that is UV resistant.

Our portable storage cubes and jerry cans are made with blue and white colours, as these colours restrict the growth of bacteria and algae and also mean that what is contained in the cube is safe for usage.

Connect with one of our members who will lead you through your storage experience.