Product Code: TU 10003

  • Round

  • 10 Ltr

  • White, Color

  • 285MM (D) X 238MM (H)

  • Yes

  • 20 Pieces Per Sleeves   OR  25 Pieces Per Sleeves

  • 320 Pieces Per Pallet   OR  400 Pieces Per Pallet

  • Food,Dairy and Paint Industry products.

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A 10 ltr bucket from Piber Plastics is manufactured using a food grade plastic: Copolymer Polypropylene or Random Copolymer. This pail is available in variety of colours: White, Clear, Natural, and Yellow. The high temperature tolerance (up to 90 C) and food grade plastic build of our 10 ltr bucket makes it a perfect companion for carrying and storing food as well as dairy items. Moreover, a Tamper Evident Pail, this 10 litre bucket also broadly employed by Paint Industries for packaging purpose.

Our 10 ltr bucket can be ordered in variety of packaging options. While the Packaging sleeve consist of 25 Pcs, the Packaging Pallet consist of 16 Sleeves total of 400 pcs. The order can be placed either in 17 units per sleeve (16 sleeves per pallet, total 272 units to a pallet), or 25 units per sleeve (16 sleeves per pallet, total 400 units to a pallet).

Piber Plastics packaging is manufactured under HACCP certification to ensure that it is suitable for food application. To get a quote give us a call on (03) 8390 4637 and tell us your requirements, or simply fill this form https://www.piberplastics.com.au/contact-us/ and one of our representative will get back to you with the quote as well as further information.