3 Reasons You Should Use Rectangular Packaging

  • By Piber Plastic
  • January 2, 2023

When you are out looking for plastic food containers in Melbourne, the shape of your plastic packaging container can significantly impact your costs and customer experience. Plastic container manufacturers offer various shapes and sizes, but each has pros and cons. You must ensure that the shape you go for fulfils all your requirements.

With custom shapes like hexagonal shapes, oval shapes, drawer-style packages, oblong shaped, pyramid-shaped, and so on, there are so many difficulties you face when it comes to logistics. Hence, here are 3 reasons you should stick to the standards and use rectangular packaging.

  1. Storage and Logistics
  2. One of the primary reasons rectangular packaging is so commonly used is its convenience. Did you know that rectangular-shaped containers occupy roughly 25% less space than their counterparts? Just imagine the difference they make cost-wise. Your logistics are affected as they require less space for the same product quantity, and your warehouses will also be used much more efficiently. Lastly, everybody in the entire chain appreciates the rectangular shapes for the reasons mentioned above.

  3. Usage and Production
  4. Flat surfaces offer better grip, which makes them easier to hold and carry. The rectangular-shaped containers allow the user to evenly distribute the pressure on its sides compared to cylindrical containers.

    Furthermore, these rectangular boxes are easier to handle on the production line making the machinery simpler and speeding up your production rate.

  5. Large Label Area
  6. Rectangular containers offer the largest label area. The space you can utilise for your branding, end-user instructions, or even printing out QR codes is available on all the rectangular containers. Ask any plastic container supplier. They will tell you the most common shapes that they produce are rectangular-shaped plastic containers.

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